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Welcome to the Project Joy - an organization dedicated to collecting devices and distributing them to senior facilities.

Our hope is to provide a means for these individuals to communicate virtually with their loved ones.

Our focus is to bring some joy and comfort to the seniors in our community.

Our vision is to help as many in need as possible. 


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Project Joy started with a phone call to a nearby seniors home to see what my children and I could do to help during the Covid-19 crisis. I could only imagine how isolated and alone these seniors must be feeling. When I connected with the recreational therapist she made me aware that the residents were not allowed visitors. Not even their own families. Normally they would fundraise to acquire devices to help to encourage and facilitate family connection. I went away wondering how could I help.


It made me think that we had a couple old devices at home that we could donate and that others might want to contribute as well. I put out a request on social media and was very amazed and thrilled at the support from the community. I was able to collect and get 11 wiped devices to this facility. They were extremely excited and thankful. I then thought there might be other facilities in need and probably many unused devices sitting in drawers!


And so the project began. Joy is my Granny’s name. She passed away 7 years ago after spending her last years in long term care. I was very close to her and can’t imagine how it would be to not be able to see her at such a scary time. This project is in her memory. 


We have been so fortunate to have RJ systems help us going forward with the tech side of things. I was able to send out the word and get the phones and tablets and could get them to the facility but could not help to set the devices up. This local company have been extremely generous with giving their time and talents. 


I hope you will take a minute to see if you may have anything you can contribute to the project. Phones, tablets, your time or expertise. Let’s bring joy to as many as we can.