Thank for your interest in learning more about Project Joy.


Since our founding 2 years ago we have been able to give the gift of connection to hundreds of isolated seniors in Alberta, thanks to the incredible support of our community and dedication of our volunteers.

Founded at the time of highest demand – the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have in recent times seen the need for our services decrease, and as a 100% volunteer run organization have made the tough decision to shut down our operations.

The gifts of connection we were able to provide will help for years to come, and we couldn’t be more proud of the important work we were able to accomplish during the pandemic.

We are so glad the in-person family visits are once again possible, and are happy that the devices we were able to donate are continuing to provide connection to those who live far apart.


Thank to you to all volunteers, donors and partners who made our work possible. Together we improved hundreds of lives and brough light in a time of darkness for many.


If you have any devices to donate, please reach out to the ERA (Electronics Recycling Association) who will ensure your device is donated to another deserving charity.

403-262-4488 I Toll Free: 877-939-2783


If seeking support for a senior in need, please reach out to:


Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society:



Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council:



Thank you,


The Board of Directors of Project Joy